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"Nothing seems to be more prominent about human life than its wanting to understand all and put everything together."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


Myth Busting Dictionary

As we all know, to make it possible to develop an understanding and an agreed plan for the future, we first need to be able to agree on the meaning of words and phrases.

Cost of energy (in cents per kilowatt hour)

The regulated retail cost of electricity in Victoria is 17 cents per kilowatt hour.
For people who now have solar panels, they lose the benefit of a regulated cost and actually have to pay 32 cents per kilowatt hour.

Transmission loss (along HVDC lines)

Transmission loss of electricity is now only 3% per 1000 kms (High Voltage Direct Current)

Transmission costs

In Australia, the transmission cost for electricity is between 1 and 2 centrs per kilowatt hour

Nuclear Power is not safe

The disasterous events in March 2011 at the Nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan is another example of the FACT that it's not safe.
How many cases of radiation poisoning and related cancer cases do we need to realise that.

Nuclear Power is not Clean and Green

Dr. Zygmunt(Ziggy) Switkowski (head of the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation), says nuclear is the best clean and green option for Australia.

We disagree;

You still have to dig the Uranium out of the ground before you process it. It will run out one day

Ziggy Switkowski (and the Uranium industry as an whole), have not been able to find a safe method of disposal.

Who do you know that would agree to have a plant build in their backyard - so why do the Pro Uranium lobby (including the Government it seems),
think it's okay to build a plant in your back yard. ?

Wind cannot provide base load power

The deniers have always argued that renewable energy cannot provide 'baseload' power.

We disagree;
Check out this report from 'onlineopinion' and be convinced that renewable can provide baseload power :)

More to come :)

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