"a solution to global problems"

"Real wealth is not gold. Real wealth is knowing what to do with energy."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


Australian Endorsements

"I love the GENI initiative, and support it. For many years, my company and our teams have worked to promote the use of renewable energy and to cut down carbon emissions. GENIís work as an educational organisation is very much needed. GENI gives people new ways to think about the world and how to solve its problems. GENIís vision for bringing electricity to the whole world, and to use renewable energy as much as possible, are excellent steps in helping our world guarantee a sustainable and successful future."

- Ron Blankenforth (From Carbon Cutters, Vihara Foundation, Clean and Green Resorts)

"The Global Energy Grid would integrate the day-into-night and night-into-day revolution and energy sharing of our solar energy supplied planet, thus massively increasing the energy wealth of all Earthians." - Author of the book titled "Cosmic Accounting".

- Malcolm Green - Electrical Engineer

"The GENI Foundation endeavour is wonderful and adds so much value to all of us who love our planet. Now more than ever we need to endorse this work for the future for everyone."

From Carbon Cutters, Vihara Foundation, Clean and Green Resorts

- Dr Janet Hall (Clinical Psychologist)

"GENI Foundation is a critically important initiative because it can help to change our world. If enough people understand the key principles that guide GENI Foundationís educational work, then their influence can help politicians and others in power to help link electricity generating grids throughout the world. Dr R. Buckminster Fuller proved unequivocally that bringing electricity to any human beings that do not have it is the most effective way to improve the economic well-being of those human beings. He also proved that the worldís birth rate shrinks in any country where there is sufficient electricity. The above factors lead me to be a passionate supporter of the GENI initiative, created by Peter Meisen in San Diego, USA, way back in 1986. I strongly recommend to all persons reading this testimonial that they study GENI Foundationís website and then join the work. The world will be a better place in years to come if sufficient people join this work!"

- Charles Kovess (CEO at Kovess International)

International Endorsements

"This initiative (to interconnect the grid from Alaska down to Argentina), is a win-win .... and it's time to seize opportunities that will make everybody richer."

- Hilary Clinton - Secretary of State USA

"For most of my life, I was privileged to observe and report on the news that affected all of us. As a journalist, I was obliged to remain objective - telling the truth as we knew it, being fair to all. I feel free to suggest - nay, urge, that we give serious attention to an ingenious project that could help relieve much of the danger to our civilization posed by the modern four horsemen of the apocalypse: poverty, pollution, population growth and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Many years ago, I was honored to spend time with a true visionary of our time, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller. He preferred that I call him Bucky. This renaissance man gave us the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion map (a very accurate and unique view of our planet), synergetic mathematics and the World Game™ - a global simulation tool that posed the following question:

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?

The answers to this provocative inquiry have given me hope. In particular, the premier solution offers the most thoughtful strategy towards peace and sustainable development that I have seen. Simply stated, the proposal is to interconnect the electrical energy networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping the abundant renewable energy resources of our planet. In today's terms, we might call this a world wide web of electricity using green energy resources. Bucky saw this possibility decades before the rest of us.
Today, the developed world lives very well, but creates tremendous pollution. In the developing world, 2 billion people have yet to even turn on a light bulb. Now, there is The GENI Initiative that is working to put this doable idea before the policy-makers and public in every nation. Bucky developed a comprehensive design approach to the world's problems, and I offer my support for this critical endeavour.
It holds great potential for:

a universal increase in living standards
a reduction in atmospheric, land and water pollution
a reduction in hunger and poverty
a stabilization of population growth
an increase in trade, cooperation and peace between nations.

The problems of humanity threaten each of us - yet our ignorance makes us believe that somehow we can remain immune. That just isn't so. The critical issues we face have time frames much longer than any political term of office. These problems are interconnected, which suggests that the solutions will also be interconnected. We need more comprehensive thinking and long-range global planning. I invite you to investigate The GENI Initiative as I have. It offers hope for all humanity."

- Walter Cronkite

"I support with enthusiasm your initiative. While directing the Foreign Affairs of Egypt, between 1977-1991, I have advocated the integration of the electricity grids of all the African countries of the Nile River using the Nile as the infrastructure of this project. I believe, as you do, that electricity must be at the service of peace and international co-operation."

- Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former Secretary General, United Nations

"The electric power business has grown remarkably in this century across the globe. However, the quantity of electricity traded internationally is abysmally small. Interconnecting grids internationally would permit the generation and transfer of electricity at least possible cost, which would not only ensure efficient utilization of natural resources, but also provide access to tapping efficiently generated power across international boundaries. The environmental and economic benefits from this approach could have revolutionary significance."

- Ragendra K. Pachauri, Ph.D., Director of Tata Energy Research Institute

"The GENI proposals encouraging the interdependence of nations through the sharing of energy resources is most exciting. One of the obscenities of Southern Africa is to see electric power lines strung across a rural landscape overshadowing communities where women spend most of their days walking kilometers to find firewood just to survive. I would support an initiative that promotes the distribution of energy to those that are condemned to a cycle of servitude. The opportunities for co-operation and increased international understanding through the establishment of an international power grid would be substantial."

- The Most Reverend Desmond M. Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus in South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"I have followed closely the work of Global Energy Network International for some time, and find the project to be one of the most important opportunities to further the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development."

- Noel Brown, North American Director, United Nations Environment Program

"A global energy network makes enormous sense if we are to meet global energy needs with a minimal impact on the world's environment. Such advances (in long distance transmission) may even make possible the visionary suggestion of Buckminster Fuller two decades ago that the Eastern and Western hemispheres be linked by underwater cable to assist each other in managing peak demand, since the high daytime use in one hemisphere occurs at precisely the low night-time consumption by the other."

- Al Gore, Letter from Vice President, America, and "Earth in the Balance"

"Why war? Why not big projects? After all, war is just a big project...My conclusion is that to build a new world -- to build peace -- we must literally build it... Two billion people live without electricity today. Show me any area in the world where there is a lack of energy, and I'll show you basic poverty. There is a direct tie-in between energy and poverty, energy and war, energy and peace...Electrical interconnections between regions -- and even continents -- can and must be tackled now. This can be a vast and visionary undertaking -- worthy of our generation".

- Walter J. Hickel, Governor of Alaska, Chairman of Northern Forum

"The extensive international cooperation necessary would mean alternative expenditures to armaments, and at the same time, help overcome social-economic problems which exist today in developing countries."

- Yevgeny Velikhov, Vice-President, Russia Academy of Sciences

"The proposal presented in this video offers a unique solution to many of our current global problems... creating a focus for global cooperation."

- John Denver, International Performer

"The construction of long distance transmission lines for the transport of the bulk hydroelectric energy from its distant sources is the aim of environmentalists as well as a hope for the peoples of developing countries... The revenues from the export of renewable hydro-energy would pay back the investments in the power projects and also provide financing for sustained economic and social development. The interconnection of remote renewable energy sources is possible anywhere in the world."

- Eng. Maher Abaza, Minister of Electricity and Energy, Egypt

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