"a solution to global problems"

"All animals, except man, adapt to their environment. Man changes his environment, making it adapt to him."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


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Item type Description (GST free)

"Clean Energy" (double DVD) - with special guest speaker Dr Helen Caldicott


"History of the Future" (single DVD) - produced by Michael Kessler


Dymaxion Map (85cm x 55cm) - Beautiful four colour poster


Dymaxion Globe (15cm diam.) - Folded from Dymaxion Map


"What If … A New Global Option" (15 mins.)    (A compelling overview of the GENI Initiative. Introduction by John Denver)


"A Win-Win Solution"  (15 mins.) (Discussion by delegates at International Workshop, Winnepeg Canada in July 1991)


"Critical Path" by R. Buckminster Fuller


"Bucky Works - Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today" by J. Baldwin


"Buckminster Fuller’s Universe" by Lloyd Steven Sieden


GENI Source Document Details research developed over the years


GENI Technical Pack:  Documents GENI Initiative to date (Includes computer animation disc)
(This pack includes 1 year membership)


GENI Computer Animation Disc: Demonstrates the major issues of a global energy grid. (Requires 1 MB SVGA VESA 1.2 graphics card and 2.6 MB XMS or EMS memory).

$ 5.00

Less 10% Membership Discount


Plus $10 Postage & Handling


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