"a solution to global problems"

"Only after a gestation period do the various new technological tools and goods springing from an invention change the everyday socioeconomic climate and physical environment. Eventually the altered environment induces everybody to think spontaneously like the scientist whose reasoning led to the original breakthrough."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


Projects currently underway

GENI's activities focus on researching the development of transmission and distribution networks as a viable option to meet our global energy requirements. Clear evidence indicates that using today's technology, large scale, remote, renewable energy resources can be made available via high-voltage transmission. Extensive progress has been accomplished, and GENI continues to work with the electricity industry to explore the implications of interconnections around the world.

IREC - IREC is defined as an 'Independant Renewable Energy Center'.
IRECs are basically purposely selected remote towns still having their energy supply coming from fossil fuels like Diesel generators. They would become candidates for upgrading to a renewable energy supply and replacing the fossil fuel generator. There is a strategy for how these towns are selected and that will be described in more detail later.

To add impetus to our efforts to educate and influence policy and decision makers worldwide, as well as create awareness and support amongst the general public, GENI has identified three vital projects. Each of these important initiatives requires significant investment, and GENI members and friends around the globe are working tirelessly to raise the necessary funds.

COMPUTER SIMULATION MODEL - Funding requirement US$1.6 million
To accelerate the decision making and approval process, we have initiated the development of a validated computer simulation model to demonstrate the cost/benefits analysis of the interconnection of large scale, renewable energy resources. This will include a comparison with other energy scenarios, such as those of the World Energy Council.

DOCUMENTARY FILM - Funding requirement US$250,000
To leverage our communication with the general public, we have commissioned the production of a documentary film suitable for international broadcast media, and we are actively developing electronic information services for the internet.

INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE - Funding requirement US$425,000
To leverage the education of the electricity industry and policy makers, we work with other organisations promoting global sustainable development; we are actively involved in international meetings, and we have discussed with the United Nations an International conference on the 'Worldwide Implications of Electrical Interconnections.'

At a local level, GENI members and friends can promote our ongoing educational program:

'SPACESHIP EARTH' MAP PROJECT - (including a Dymaxion Map & Video), to a nominated school $50
The goal of this project is for every young person in Australia to have an accurate world map that shows our wonderful planet as it really is and be introduced to the GENI Initiative - a practical solution to today's dominant global environmental, social and economic problems. The Dymaxion projection map is the only map that shows the Earth's land masses in their true contours and proportions; distortion is minimal and occurs in the oceans. Now, for the first time in history, the Earth's geography can be seen as a one-world island in a one-world ocean, and issues such as population, energy and distribution of resources can be viewed in perspective.

'SPACESHIP EARTH' SCHOOL PRESENTATION - (Victoria only) 90 minute interactive workshop $200 donation
When a map and video are sent to a sponsored school, the school is offered the opportunity to have a GENI 'Spaceship Earth' presentation, which highlights the differences between the Mercator Map and Buckminster Fuller's more accurate Dymaxion map. Students are actively involved in exploring the implementation of a global energy grid as a solution to the world's most pressing problems via the interconnection of renewable energy resources.
A $200 donation is requested from the school, but the sponsor may also choose to make this donation. All presentations are made by GENI volunteers committed to creating awareness of the GENI Initiative.

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