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"The old world of architecture was simply self-expression. We have the task of making man a success."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


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Emissions Reduction Fund - White paper

Federal Government ERF (2014)

Desertec 2014 newsletter

Google earth plugin (2014)

Desertec 2014 Renewable energy award

And the winner is .... Gemasolar! (2014)

Desertec 2014 Press release

"Within six hours, deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year. The rulers of the Arab world have recognised that they can leave the remaining oil reserves untouched and generate revenue through the sale of desert electricity" - Frithjof Finkbeiner (Vice president of the German Association of the Club of Rome, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the DESERTEC Foundation). (2014)

World Earth Day

See some success stories. (2014)

GRENATEC - Pan-Asian Energy Infrastructure By 2050

GRENATEC (Green Renaissance through Advanced Technology) has produced a great presentation here.
By 2050, Asia could be connected by a vast energy and information architecture.
This ‘Pan-Asian Energy Infrastructure’ would stretch from Australia to Northeast Asia. It would serve a 16-nation market of two billion people.
By 2050 this region will be, easily, the world’s largest economic bloc. To achieve this, it needs clean energy -- lots of it.
‘Bits and pieces’ of a ‘Pan-Asian Energy Infrastructure’ are already falling into place. What’s needed now is to recognise the emerging pattern and fill in the blanks. The most important part of the concept is the Association of Southeast Asian Nation states’ plan to more deeply integrate their energy economies through the proposed Trans-ASEAN Eletricity Grid and Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline projects.
China, meanwhile, is planning dozens of long-distance High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power lines to bring energy such as hydropower and wind from her western interior to her eastern coastal cities.
At the same time, Australia is building export capacity to ship natural gas to China, Japan and South Korea as Liquid Natural Gas - a wasteful, short-lived, inefficient, greenhouse-gas intensive shipment method.
Universal carbon pricing, applied regionally, would discourage wasteful LNG investment. Instead, it would tilt investment toward more flexible, future-proof natural gas transport infrastructure such as cross-border pipelines of the kind ASEAN is planning.
Pipelines offer more flexible, multipoint delivery of natural gas. Properly constructed, they also can be adapted over time to other uses. These include carrying hydrogen, biofuels and waste carbon. Individual pipelines already do in the US, Canada and Europe.
A multi-point ‘Pan-Asian Energy Infrastructure’ comprised of bundled HVDC power lines and natural gas pipelines would last a century or more. It would be laid along pathways across Asia already blazed the the fiber optic cables which brought us the Information Revolution over the past 20 years.

Wave power is kicking goals in Western Australia

Now all that is needed is a connection to the National GRID.(2013)

Solar Project in ISRAEL

Progress is being made in all corners of the globe. (2013)

Grenatec research

has huge implications/opportunities in ASIA (including Australia).(2012)

The Australian Government has selected a consortiums SOLAR DAWN project.

Read how The government's Solar Flagships Program aims to provide the foundation for large-scale, grid-connected solar power and accelerate the commercialization of this energy source in Australia.(June 2011)

Beyond Zero Emissions presents Solar thermal energy into the GRID 24 hours a day.

Read how Spain has become the first country to generate electricity via the Sun 24 hours a day.(July 2011)

Helen Caldicott press conference - (Canada)

Hear some more truths about Nuclear power. (March 2011)


Starts up in Australia and New Zealand.(March 2011)


HVDC-extension in Europe slowly taking shape (February 2011)

World Bank Finance

"Desertec financially supported by the World Bank" (from the Saudi Gazette, Jeddah,  10 January 2011)

GENI Foundation submission

GENI Foundation submission to the "Interim Garnaut report" (Author - Stewart Taggert - "OZ2020" - 2008 )

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity has been here for ages "just to show what we can already do" (youtube - 2009)

Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan has a message for us "for a little perspective" (youtube - 2007)

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