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GENI Foundation Mission Statement

"To build awareness and powerful support, in the shortest possible time, for the integration of electrical energy grids around the world into a single interconnected grid that spans the globe*, generating and distributing power from the Earth's naturally abundant renewable resources - an initiative that will improve the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet."
*Walter Cronkite uses the analogy of "a world wide web of electricity using green energy resources."

Forthcoming Events


Come and join us on the first Thursday of every month from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.

Exploring practical solutions to global and local problems, to build a world that works for everybody - not just a minority!

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* 6th December will be our end of year Christmas special

* 6th September was very well attended:

Australian Energy Market Operator - AEMO

Here is the Australian National Grid as at 2016. No wonder we can't get National Renewables up and running :(


GENI Foundation Special offer - Gravity light

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gravity light

What is GravityLight?

An innovative device that generates light from gravity. It takes seconds to lift the weight that creates 20 minutes of light on its descent. GravityLight offers a clean, safe, affordable and reliable alternative to kerosene and portable solar lamps. Uniquely, it has no batteries meaning it can be stored indefinitely, and works independently of the sun.

Fund Raising - Clean electricity in all nations

Geni Fund raising

Pledge your support for this initiative using our fund raising platform 'PATREON'.
Our current funding goals include:

Comedy Gala – June 2018 Annual Fundraiser

Thank you to all our friends and supporters for another wonderful and fun Annual Fundraiser at the Comics Lounge for June 2018!

comedy night 2018

Projects & Technology

6 Startling Statements on Population vs Electricity:

  1. The foundational difference between rich and poor countries is the availability of electricity
  2. Electricity availability leads to population reduction
  3. The Sun gives the Earth our annual global usage in 1.7hrs
  4. The only safe place for a Nuclear power plant is 93 million miles from the Earth (ie. the Sun) - Buckminster Fuller
  5. What makes us human is freedom of choice – Education enables us to make informed choices about Electricity
  6. Sustainability is only too expensive:
    • if we don’t innovate
    • if we only think short term
    • if we think scarcity not abundance
    • if we continue to ignore our grandchildren's future

Strategy for Australia

1. To help facilitate the linking up Australia's national grid via underwater cable to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia thereby linking more than
250 million people to a potential renewable energy supply. By canvassing industry leaders and educating the general public to the potential of this project.

2. Playing the Global Integration Game (GIG). 120 people have the opportunity to play a fun and interactive game on how the world works on a huge Dymaxion Map.
This game brings up insights in what is being done in the current world, what needs to be done, and what one can do about it. This game can also be played in Schools.

3. Presenting GENI Initiative in schools the 'Spaceship Earth School Presentation'.
90 minute interactive workshop presenting highlights between the Mercator Projection Map and Buckminster Fuller's more accurate Dymaxion Map.
Students are actively involved in exploring the implementation of a global energy grid as a solution to world's most pressing problems by the
interconnection of renewable energy resources.

4. IREC - Independent Renewable Energy Centre
GENI is currently in discussion with organisations interested in developing our project to deploy IREC's (Independent Renewable Energy Centres). This is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), project where IRECs (like solar energy generators), are installed in 10,000 villages (in Africa, India or Australia), and financed by 10,000 sponsoring Australian Corporations. One Corporate sponsoring One village at a time.
We also want to encourage the building of small renewable energy centres in remote communities within Australia that are not currently connected to the national grid. This will eventually make it easy for the national grid to be extended because the distances between the new IRECs will progressively get shorter and shorter each time a new one is added.
As the network infrastructure is extended, these remote communities will generate their own revenue by supplying the national grid with renewable energy.


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